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simple little module that sends a JSON payload to an arbitary endpoint or more specifically, the slack/hipchat notification APIs. The main purpose of this is to be a singular dispatcher with an expected format that works seamlessly with all of these services. Options will be smartly intuited in the constructor.


// Example with slack 
var notify = require('notifi');
var options = {
  token: 'p19845osdfgsd0998',
  domain: 'myCompany'
var note = notify(options);
var payload = {
  channel: '#general',
  text: 'Here is my message!',
  username: 'notifier'
note.on('error', function (err) {
note.on('done', function () {

This shows the event emitter interface, you can also pass the dispatch a callback as the second argument and handle the error/response that way.