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Note Box

Note box is a sqlite3 based Node.JS application which helps taking notes in command line. It has following features:

  • Completely Offline.
  • Note tags.
  • Password protection: AES256 encryption
  • Simple Commands
  • PIPE and Stream Support
  • full text search / tag based search
  • Single db file. easy to backup and migrate.


npm install -g notebox

CheatSheet (A way to notebox ninja)

New note

nb n "this is my note"

Multiple line note

nb n

Stream data from a file

nb n < myfile

Set tags (separated by comma)

nb n -t tag1,tag2,tag3 "Hell world"

Store binary file with a title

nb n --title mypdf.pdf <mypdf.pdf

Use password to protect data

nb -n -p pwd "my data here"

or input password silently

nb -n "my data " -p

Search note

Simple text match

nb s "word or phrase"

or by tags

nb s -t tag1,tag2

or by id

nb s --id <id>

list all note

nb s

remove all found items (find and remove)

nb s -t personal_tag --delete

extract stored file

nb s mypdf.pdf -o raw > mypdf.pdf

export a password protected file

nb s mypic.png -p -o raw >mypic.png


Use $EDITOR to change note data.

nb u <id>

Update password

nb u <id> -p

Note Editor

Change $EDITOR env var to the path of your editor so that you can create note, update note using the editor.


Shrink DB file

nb sql "vacuum;"

Use different db file

db n -d <dbFile Path>



nb help

Encrypted Database

By default, sqlite database is not encrypted. Although password protected notes are aes256 encrypted, it is nice to have whole database file encrypted. To do this, once notebox is installed, goto the installation folder and re-build / configure node-sqlite in node_modules folder.

Here is how:

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