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Norway Postal Codes Build Status

Various UTF8 alternative formats to the default ansi tab-delimited postal code registry provided by

Norwegian: Postnummerregisteret inneholder alle postnummer i Norge som brukes til adressering av post.


Last updated 2017-01-01


See the demo for an example on how to auto-complete city from postal code.
Which is a really good UX feature you should make use of.

Getting started

Even though all converted files are provided here, you might want to do it yourself.

You'll need Node.js, then cd into this folder and npm install.

Run npm run make to fetch and convert the latest registry, or you can supply a file path npm run make postnummerregister_ansi.txt to convert a local file (make sure it's the ANSI version).

You can also use it as a Node module. Just install it npm install --save norway-postal-codes and then require it in your code:

const postalCodes = require('norway-postal-codes');