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Meta package which contains the centralized documentation and possible help utilities for our Node.js software stack

Sendanor Cloud Platform

Component Architecture

Using this package

Although this package is actually -- at the moment -- possible to install and require, we do not suggest using it that way.

This package is published as centarilized documentation wiki for all of the projects.

We might publish CLI tool or other help utilities in the future.

Ideal Web Action Flow Model

This is our vision of ideal structure for web actions.

Flow Model

Each step is a processing point in the life cycle of a request. Initiated first at the browser (or client) and going all the way to the database server (if necessary).

Green boxes are code executed in compatible JavaScript/Browserify/Node.js environment. The proxy might not have support for it but might have configuration to skip some files (like static files) and pass them directly back to the browser.

Each step can register code to be executed in a future step (including in the browser!). If there is no code to be executed, the shortest route will be used -- which means deeper layers can be skipped and the latency of the request will be significantly reduced.

Commercial Support

You can buy commercial support from Sendanor.


npm i nor-stack

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