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This is a daemon and a development server which runs our modular REST API components.

Please note: It is an experimental development version. Things might be broken.


You can install the application from NPM:

npm install -g nor-restd nor-restd-auth-apikey nor-restd-db-mysql nor-restd-viewer

Let's do some basic configurations:

$ nor-restd config set host
Set host from '' to ''
$ nor-restd config set port 8500
Set port from 3000 to 8500
$ nor-restd config set use.auth nor-restd-auth-apikey
Set use.auth from undefined to 'nor-restd-auth-apikey'
$ nor-restd config set resources.viewer 'nor-restd-viewer'
Set resources.viewer from undefined to 'nor-restd-viewer'
$ nor-restd config set 'nor-restd-db-mysql'
Set from undefined to 'nor-restd-db-mysql'
$ makepasswd --crypt-md5 --chars 8
PYtrzdBC   $1$F0XGa8w6$4.RWFHXY0QTwh2ZOCnvTB/
$ nor-restd config set opts.auth.keys.demo.secret '$1$F0XGa8w6$4.RWFHXY0QTwh2ZOCnvTB/'
Set opts.auth.keys.demo.secret from undefined to '$1$F0XGa8w6$4.RWFHXY0QTwh2ZOCnvTB/'
$ nor-restd config set true
Set from undefined to 'true'
$ nor-restd config set localhost
Set from undefined to 'localhost'
$ nor-restd config set nor_restd_demo
Set from undefined to 'nor_restd_demo'
$ nor-restd config set nor_restd_demo
Set from undefined to 'nor_restd_demo'
$ nor-restd config set 12345678
Set from undefined to '12345678'

Then start it: nor-restd start