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PostgreSQL Database Server Runner


Utility which can be used to start PostgreSQL server instances temporarely. Good for testing.

We use Trello board to organize development and keep track on things to do.

Install from NPM: npm install -g pgrunner

Use with CLI:

pgrunner create
pgrunner destroy

Use with Node.js:

var pgrunner = require('nor-pgrunner');

Example usage:

    'host': '',  // Defaults to ''
    'port': 55432,        // Defaults to '55432'
    'user': 'foo',        // Defaults to USER from ENV
    'database': 'dbname'  // Defaults to same value as the user option
}).then(function(server) {
    // server.pgconfig is a string like 'pg://jhh@'
    // server.settings has the same options as properties: host, port, user, database
    // server.env has the environment variables the server is using
    // Stop the instance
    return server.stop().then(function() {
        console.log('Stopped successfully');
}).fail(function(err) {
    console.log('Error: ' + err);

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