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Date helpers for Node.js

Getting Started

You can install nor-date from the NPM:

`npm install nor-date`

Use it inside Node.js like: var nor_date = require('nor-date');

This library is also supported on browser side but all features are not tested yet.


It's licenced under the MIT license.

nor_date.format ( {string}format, {Date}timestamp, {object}opts )

This function formats timestamp -- which is an instance of Date -- into format specified by the string format option. If time is ommited the current time will be used.

All arguments are optional arguments. The order of these arguments is not important. However please note that the type is very important.

The format is a string in the same format as strftime() system call is using, except that the library re-implements, so there might be small differences and unsupported features. Please create issues if you find missing features or wrong behaviour.

The opts -- which is an object -- can be used to change the locale with the property named lang.

Example 1

To get current date as YYYY-MM-DD you can call it nor_date.format('%Y-%m-%d').

Example 2

To get current month name in Finnish locale you can call it nor_date.format('%B', {lang:'fi'}) or nor_date.format({lang:'fi'}, '%B').

Example 3

To get month of t, which is instance of Date, in Finnish locale you can call it like:

var t = new Date(2013, 8, 15);
console.log( nor_date.format({lang:'fi'}, '%B', t) );

Binding support

Because format() supports each argument in any order, it makes binding functions very easy.

var t = new Date(2013, 8, 15);
var fi_format = nor_date.format.bind(undefined, {lang:'fi'});
var fi_date_format = nor_date.format.bind(undefined, {lang:'fi'}, '%a %d %B %Y');
console.log( fi_format('%a %d %B %Y', t) );
console.log( fi_date_format(t) );

Locale support

Currently only English as en and Finnish as fi is supported.

However you may implement your own locale like this:

// Setup custom locale fi and make it a copy of $def 
nor_date.setupLocale("fi", "$def", {
    "title": "Finnish locale",
    "days_short": [
        'su', 'ma', 'ti', 'ke', 'to', 'pe', 'la', 'su'
    "days_long":  [
        'sunnuntai', 'maanantai', 'tiistai', 'keskiviikko', 'torstai', 
        'perjantai', 'lauantai', 'sunnuntai'
    "months_short": [
        'tammi', 'helmi', 'maalis', 'huhti', 'touko', 'kesä', 'heinä', 'elo', 
        'syys', 'loka', 'marras', 'joulu'
    "months_long": [
        'tammikuu', 'helmikuu', 'maaliskuu', 'huhtikuu', 'toukokuu', 'kesäkuu', 
        'heinäkuu', 'elokuu', 'syyskuu', 'lokakuu', 'marraskuu', 'joulukuu'
    "format_date": "%d.%m.%Y",
    "format_time": "%H:%M:%S",
    "format_datetime": "%d.%m.%Y %H:%M:%S"

Commercial Support

You can buy commercial support from Sendanor.