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Node.js NoIP Updater

This script will update NoIP every 12hrs, or --frequency time, where time is the number of hours. It is recommended to use forever to restart the script if it crashes. Example start command using forever: forever start -l forever.log -o out.log -e err.log app.js -u yourUsername -e yourB64PassHere -d -s

To keep your NoIP password out of the bash history, you can prefix the command with a space. (This doesn't always work, credit to

The script uses by default to get your public IP address.

The interpreter for noip-updater is Node.js.


Programatically, you can call

var updater = require('noip-updater');
updater.getPublicIP(function(ip) {
    updater.updateNoIP(user, pass, domain, ip, false, function(body, response, error) {


updater.updateNoIP(user, pass, domain, ip[, useHTTPS[, cb]]);