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# noinfopath.ui

@version 0.0.36

## noDataPanel

Renders a data bound panel that can contain any kind of HTML content, which can be bound data on $scope. The data sources being bound to, are NoInfoPath Data Providers. Note that this directive calls method, only returns a single data object, not an array.

### Sample Usage

This sample show how to use the noDataPanel directive in your HTML markup.

<no-data-panel no-config="noForms.trialPlot.noComponents.selection"/>

### Sample Configuration

    "selection": {
        "scopeKey": "selection",
        "dataProvider": "noWebSQL",
        "databaseName": "FCFNv2",
        "entityName": "vw_trialplot_selection",
        "primaryKey": "TrialPlotID",
        "lookup": {
            "source": "$stateParams",
        "templateUrl": "observations/selection.html"