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Nogg: Simple logging for node.js

Configure your logger in in your NODE_PATH:

exports.logging = {

  'default': [
    {file: 'logs/app.log',    level: 'debug'},
    {file: 'stdout',          level: 'warn'}]

  'foo': [
    {file: 'logs/foo.log',    level: 'debug'},
    {forward: 'default'}]

  'access': [
    {file: 'logs/access.log', formatter: null}]



logger = require('nogg').logger('')
logger.debug('this is a debug message')                           # logs to logs/foo.log and logs/app.log
logger.error('this is an error')                                  # logs to logs/foo.log, logs/app.log, and stdout

require('nogg').log 'bar.baz', 'debug', 'this is a debug message' # logs to logs/app.log (matches 'default')
require('nogg').warn 'bar', 'this is a warning'                   # logs to logs/app.log and stdout
  • The 'default' and 'foo' are "log routes". You must define the 'default' route.
  • Each log route has N handlers.
  • Log route are "dot aware", so log messages to "" will match the "foo" route unless "" happens to be defined.
  • Messages do not propagate up (ala log4j).
  • stdout messages are in color.
  • You can turn off formatting/color for a handler with formatter: null.


npm install nogg


  • Real log formatting
  • Connect module for request logging


coffee -o lib src/*