Wrapper around the twilio API


Wrapper around the twilio API

Create a twilio client object given the account ID and the auth token of your twilio account.

  • ACCOUNT: the account ID
  • TOKEN: the auth token
  • OUT: a twilio client object

Send/Receive SMS messages. See the twilio doc on receiving SMS messages and sending SMS messages for more information.

  • CLIENT: the twilio client created by Client component
  • SEND: the POST parameters as outlined in the doc; each packet is an object of parameters. Multiple packets send multiple SMS messages
  • RECEIVE: message SIDs; each packet is a string of an SID. An empty connection with no packets or no packets of SID strings which start with "SM" lists all messages
  • OUT: a message object for each incoming packet. See doc for what would be in a returned object

(Adapted from the twilio doc) Send an SMS from 415-814-1829 to 415-935-2345 begging Jenny for a second chance and print the returned object to screen.

ClientGen(twilio/Client) OUT -> CLIENT Sms(twilio/Sms)
'{"body":"Jenny please?! I love you <3","to":"+14159352345","from":"+14158141829"}' OUT -> IN Message(string/ParseJson)
Message() OUT -> SEND Sms() OUT -> IN Output(Output)

Getting two messages by their SIDs.

ClientGen(twilio/Client) OUT -> CLIENT Sms(twilio/Sms)
'SM800f449d0399ed014aae2bcc0cc2f2ec\nSM800f449d0399ed014aae2bcc0cc2f2ed' OUT -> IN Sids(SplitStr)
Sids() OUT -> RECEIVE Sms() OUT -> IN Output(Output)

Listing all messages.

ClientGen(twilio/Client) OUT -> CLIENT Sms(twilio/Sms)
'' -> RECEIVE Sms() OUT -> IN Output(Output)