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Semantics3 Wrapper
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Wrapper around Semantics3/semantics3-node


Take a look at Semantics3/semantics3-node first.

Component Client

Create a Semantics3 client object given the account key and the secret of your account.


  • KEY: the account key
  • SECRET: the secret


  • OUT: a Semantics3 client object

Component Products

Implements nested search query for products.


  • IN: an object containing the fields. The value can be an array. Query is submitted upon for each incoming packet.
  • CLIENT: a Semantics3 client object created by Client component


  • OUT: an object parsed from the JSON response from Semantics3
  • ERROR: the error object


Find all "Computers and Accessories" that are on

'key' -> KEY Client(semanticsthree/Client)
'secret' -> SECRET Client() OUT -> CLIENT Products(semanticsthree/Products)

'{"cat_id": 4992, "sitedetails": ["name", ""]}' -> IN ParseJson(strings/ParseJson) OUT -> IN Products()

# Prints out the result object
Products() OUT -> IN Output(Output)
# Prints out an error
Products() ERROR -> IN Error(Output)