PostgreSQL using node-postgres for NoFlo

PostgreSQL using node-postgres for NoFlo

This is a simple wrapper around brianc's node-postgres.

Feel free to contribute new components and graphs! I'll try to incorporate as soon as time allows.

Although some components may be of interest in some situations, most likely you want to use the 'Postgres' graph.

'tcp://localhost:5432/postgres' - SERVER Postgres(pg/Postgres)
'SELECT * FROM &table' -> TEMPLATE Postgres()
'table' -> GROUP Placeholder(Group)
'users' -> IN Placeholder() OUT -> IN Postgres()
Postgres() OUT -> IN PrintUsers(Output)
Postgres() ERROR -> IN Error(Output)

Template accepts an SQL string with placeholders starting with ampersands. The SQL string is not sanitized for injection attacks. Then, pass in values grouped by the placeholder strings to Postgres. These values are sanitized for injection attacks.

Whether PostgreSQL returns any row or not, it sends to the 'OUT' port. If there's an error, it sends it to the 'ERROR' port.

Note that since this is an asynchronous operation, almost always should you group the input with a unique ID as the output would inherit the grouping for you to identify the output against the input.