A tool which runs unit tests if a file has changed on the server in a browser


What is nof5?

nof5 is a server for automated browser testing based on express and It watches your lib- and test-folder and emits on a change an event called f5 to all connected clients. You can connect as many browsers as you want. On f5 the clients can fetch a new test-bundle and re-run it. So you don't have to manually reload your tests. That's why it is called nof5. It is also possible to send the test results back to the server.

Result will be displayed like this if they succeed

13:20:55 Chrome/20.0.1132/Linux has connected

13:20:55 Chrome/20.0.1132/Linux has succeeded. Tests took 0.617 seconds

or like this if they fail

13:31:34 Android/2.3.4/Android has failed. Tests took 5.625 seconds

{ '.isAppended()': { test: 'should be false after # dispose()', type: 'Error: expected false to equal true' } }

Writing xunit-files is on the road.

nof5 does not ship any test-suites like mocha or assertions suites like expect.js. So you can use any lib for writing you want to. But there is a recipe for mocha and expect.js in the examples.

How to install it?

npm install -g nof5 (not published yet!)

How to use it ?


Check the issues tagged with enhancement and created by topa.