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Support for CI (continuous integration) with nodeuint. Timeout can be set when start running.


Install with npm:

npm install nodeunit-ci

Exsample code - simple test runner

// Default timeout is 60sec 
require('nodeunit-ci').run('basic', __dirname);


4 Nov 13:48:51 - - basic.js (7ms, 100% perfect!)

Alt text

Exsample code - multiple + timeout(10sec)

require('nodeunit-ci').run(['basic', 'state'] , __dirname, 10000);

Exsample code - multiple + pipe + event

// 2nd and 3rd parameter inherits to next task
require('nodeunit-ci').run('basic', __dirname, 10000).pipe('state').on('end', function(results){
  console.log(results.length + ' test(s) finished');

see for test fileset

  • node-localelist
    ".travis.ymi", "package.js", "test/_runner.js" and "test/basic.js"