A peer-to-peer, nearly-server-less, rich-client web app library using WebRTC.

#Nodetron Server Server dependency for nodetron. As with the rest of nodetron, this is still heavily in development.

###Install Instructions Install Mongo and nodetron package:

###Usage Create a server:

var Nodetron = require('nodetron').NodetronServer;
var options = {port: 5000, debug: true};
var server = new Nodetron(options);

Other options can be passed into the nodetron server:

Set port for your server. Default is 80.

Will log extra socket connection information. Default is false.

Sets which mongo db to connect to. Default is "mongodb://localhost/nodetron".

The database schema is created based on the metadata the app maker decides to use. Default is {use: false, path: null}. Change use to true and path to path of schema to use.