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A powerful, efficient, easy to use, funny JavaScript template engine.

Why use nodetpl?

  • Free: Open source, free use under MIT license
  • Superior performance: Super-fast run, like lightning analytical efficiency
  • Native js syntax: Yes, it's HTML & JavaScript++, not like learning a new language as painful
  • Precompiled: Js file compiled in advance, reducing the burden on the browser running
  • Multiple templates: Support complex multi-template, include step
  • Template leveled CSS/JS: Original CSS / JS with the package mechanism, independent of the template can have its own CSS / JS
  • Modular: RequireJs (AMD) / seaJs (CMD) / CommonJs/ ES6 supported
  • Node.js: The module can be used as a node.js package, and Express.js is supported
  • Quick learning: Just 10 minutes from entry to proficient
  • Good compatibility: Compatible with all major browsers, IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc
  • High praised: More than 200+ sites choose nodetpl as the template engine

Detailed documentation

Go to the official site:


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask through New Issue.


nodetpl is available under the terms of the MIT License.