Performance Profiler and Monitor

Nodetime - Performance Profiler and Monitor for Node.js Applications

Nodetime reveals response time and other internals of HTTP requests and underlying HTTP, database, file system and other API calls in your Node.js application. Coupled with related process and OS state information, real-time and historical metrics, monitoring as well as CPU and memory profiling it enables tracing performance problems down to the root cause. Nodetime supports multiple APIs including native HTTP client, file system, cluster and sockets,, Redis, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Memcached and Cassandra. HTTP based data stores like CouchDB and Riak are supported via HTTP API.

This repository contains the source code of Nodetime agent. Agent runs within the application and securely sends profiling data and metrics to Nodetime server, where they are made available via web console at

Full documentation at Docs section.

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