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Performance Profiler and Monitor

Dear Nodetime Customer,

Nodetime shut down on August 31, 2015. Our journey with Node.js continues with an enhanced Node.js monitoring solution from AppDynamics.

It has truly been an honor to be such an integral member of the Node.js community since we originally launched in 2010. With cutting-edge features such as CPU and Heap Profiling, Nodetime has helped customers all over the world with critical insights into the health of their Node.js applications. As I mentioned during our acquisition by AppDynamics, we’ve been given the opportunity to innovate further, leverage the core AppDynamics monitoring infrastructure, and take the Node.js management to an entirely new and unparalleled level.

Best Wishes,

Dmitri Melikyan

Principal Engineer, AppDynamics Node.js Teamdf


You may navigate to and learn about our Node.js agent, as well as further learn about our AppDynamics Unified Monitoring platform.

Signup for a free account at [][adcom]. You’ll be granted a 15 day free trial of the fully featured AppDynamics Pro version. The agent install is as easy as npm install appdynamics from your Node.js application command line.

You may find all of our product documentation at, and our Node.js documentation may be found here.

All Nodetime accounts were shutdown on August 31, 2015. Users will no longer have access to their accounts.

You will no longer have access to your data after the August 31st shutdown.

AppDynamics honored all prepaid Nodetime subscription with an AppDynamics Pro account.

Absolutely! AppDynamics offers a lite version to use for free, forever. Once you’re ready, you’re welcome to upgrade to a Pro account anytime.

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