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Just include this simple script and IE, Firefox, and macOS Safari will support <input type="date">, without any dependencies, not even jQuery!

Support dynamically created inputs, so can be used in single page applications.

Forked from html5-simple-date-input-polyfill. Continuing as a separate project.


Try it in IE, Firefox, and macOS Safari.



npm install --save nodep-date-input-polyfill

Add to your project:

  • Webpack / Rollup / Babel / ES: import 'nodep-date-input-polyfill';

  • Webpack 1 / Browserify: require('nodep-date-input-polyfill');

  • Script Tag: Copy nodep-date-input-polyfill.dist.js from node_modules and include it anywhere in your HTML.

  • This package also supports AMD.


bower install nodep-date-input-polyfill


  • Easily Stylable: These are the default styles, which you may override with your own.

  • Polyfills valueAsDate and valueAsNumber: Learn more about these properties. They behave as getters and setters.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Esc will hide the datepicker. Up/Down will increment/decrement the date by one day.

  • Localization: Specify the datepicker's locale by setting the lang attribute of the <input> or any of its parent nodes.

    <input type="date" lang="en" />

    <body lang="en">

    The default locale is en.

    The rendered date format will automatically adhere to the given locale.

    Currently supported locales include:

    • English (US / UK)

    • Chinese (Simplified / Simplified Informal / Traditional)

    • Japanese

    • Spanish

    • Portuguese

    • Hindi

    • German

    • Dutch

    • Danish

    • Turkish

    • Ukrainian

    • French

    • Italian

    • Polish

    • Czech

    • Russian

Usage Notes

  • getAttribute and setAttribute will only reflect the field's text content.

  • In order to work with the field's underlying value, you must get/set its value, valueAsDate, or valueAsNumber properties.

  • Per the native implementation, polyfilled date fields will only accept values in the format yyyy-MM-dd.

  • If a user dirties a date field by typing into it manually, the browser will no longer allow the polyfill to populate the field from the datepicker.

    The polyfill will not attempt to solve this on its own. One potential workaround that you may choose to adopt is to prevent typing entirely:

    el.addEventListener('keydown', (e)=> e.preventDefault());
  • When submitting an HTML form, the browser will submit the date field's value attribute (i.e. its text content), not the normalized content of the field's value property.

    If you don't want that, one potential workaround is to change the attribute upon form submission:

    el.form.addEventListener('submit', (e)=> el.setAttribute('value', el.value));


Local Development

Run npm start or, for Cloud9 IDE users: npm run start-c9


Run npm run build


Please submit PRs with new localizations! Open locales.js to add more. File an issue on GitHub if anything is unclear.


Some words of appreciation for those who have submitted tickets, pull requests, and new localizations. The library is more robust and helpful to everyone because of those who choose to help out.


npm i nodep-date-input-polyfill

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