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HL7 parser


A hl7 parser

$ npm install --save nodengine-hl7

or install globally for the CLI tool

$ npm install -g nodengine-hl7
$ ne-hl7 --help
ne-hl7 - a streaming parser for hl7 messages
    usage: ne-hl7 [options]
      -h, --help                  show help and usage
      -l, --loglevel <level>      set log level
      -f, --file <file>           parse file
      -s, --segments              only show segment types
      -c, --count                 print message count
      -j, --json                  output in json
      -v, --version               show version

To run tests:

$ npm test

NOTE: All hl7 test fixtures are samples taken from various places on the internet



Name Type(s) Description
segments Array, Segment A single Segment or an array of Segments

Does this message have any segments?

Adds the given segment to the message

Name Type(s) Description
segment Segment The Segment to add to the message

Gets the header Segment of the Message

Gets the delimiters for the given message. These are taken from the MSH


Parses data as a hl7 segment

Name Type(s) Description
data Buffer, String The segment

Is the given segment a header segment?

Name Type(s) Description
segment Segment A Segment object

Is the given segment type a header segment?

Name Type(s) Description
type String The segment type

MIT (See LICENSE for more info)