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Sailthru doesn't provide a generic endpoint to send emails, so you must create a a template using custom Zephyr template variables.

nodemailer-sailthru-transport passes {subject} and {html} as Zephyr variables which correspond to the subject and html options when using Nodemailer's sendMail function.

By default, nodemailer-sailthru-transport will use a template named nodemailer-sailthru-transport, but you can pass in a template when creating the transport. You can also pass a template on a per-sendMail basis by simply using template option.


'use strict';
var nodemailer = require('nodemailer');
var sailthruTransport = require('sailthru-transport');
var transport = nodemailer.createTransport(sailthruTransport({
  auth: {
    apiKey: 'key',
    apiSecret: 'secret'
  template: 'my-template'
  to: '',
  subject: 'Hello',
  html: '<p>How are you?</p>'
}, function(err, info) {
  if (err) {
  } else {