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Object db server is an HTTP based database server written in NodeJS.

ObjectDB is currently in alpha stage and includes fast written dirty code. Therefore it is not recommended for production use.

Start by typing "nodejs obj.server"

Console Commands

Create a database:


Create a table in db:

dbserver.testdb.createtable2("testtable", {   
		{ "name": "__id", "type": "numeric", "size":20 },   
		{ "name": "field1", "type": "string", "size":100 },   
		{ "name": "field2", "type": "string", "size":20 },   
	pk:field1,     //primary key   
	mode:db        //table mode = db|mem   

Insert some data to table:

dbserver.testdb.testtable.insert({ field1:"testdata", field2:"trial" })   

Find inserted data by key:


Try a TSQL Select

select * from testdb.testtable where field1 like 'test%'   

Update data by PK

dbserver.testdb.testtable.update({ field1:"testdata", field2:"trial - updated" })   

Reselect again to see if the row is updated


Delete Row

dbserver.testdb.testtable.delete({ __id:1 })   

Same functions for multi-row operations are also available with specific filters.