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Skeleton for Node.js applications written in TypeScript



Our main purpose with this Skeleton is to start server application with node js and typescript.

Try it!! I am happy to hear your feedback or any kind of new features.

Common Features

Common Features

  • Quick start

    • Simple scaffolding based on Typescript syntax
    • Easy global environment configuration and error handling
    • Flexible for adding new features
  • Contiuous Integration

  • Documentation Standards

    • Swagger documentation support and Postman collections
    • Clear instructions in the readme file
  • Test Coverage Maintenance

    • Comprehensive test coverage with eslint, prettier, and husky integration
  • Production Ready Setup

    • Followed best practices for security and efficiency
    • Integrated Winston Logger and included only necessary npm modules

Core NPM Module

  • [x] express, @types/express
  • [x] @types/node
  • [x] typescript
  • [x] dotenv
  • [x] cors
  • [x] helmet
  • [x] http-status-codes
  • [x] winston


Start The application in Development Mode

  • Clone the Application git clone
  • Install the dependencies npm install
  • Start the application npm run dev

Start The application in Production Mode

  • Install the dependencies npm install
  • Create the build npm run build
  • Start the application npm run start
  • Before starting make sure to update your .env values for your refrence just check .env.example

Project Structure

Name Description
wiki/ You can add project documentation and insructions file here
src/ Source files
src/abstractions Abstarct classes and Interfaces
src/components REST API Components & Controllers
src/lib Reusable utilises and library source code like a logger
src/middleware/ Express Middlewares like error handler feature
build/ Compiled source files will be placed here
tests/ Test cases will be placed here
tests/helpers/ Helpers for test cases will be placed here
tests/unit-tests/ Unit Test cases will be placed here
tests/integration-tests/ API routes (Integration) Test cases will be placed here




Set the APPLY_ENCRYPTION environment variable to true to enable encryption.

Swagger API Documentation

The swagger documentation is available at the following url ${host}/docs:


Default System Health Status API

  • ${host}/api/system/info - Return the system information in response
  • ${host}/system/time - Return the current time in response
  • ${host}/system/usage - Return the process and system memory usage in response
  • ${host}/system/process - Return the process details in response
  • ${host}/system/error - Return the error generated object in response

Swagger API Documentation



1. Why is my git pre-commit hook not executable by default?

  • Because files are not executable by default; they must be set to be executable.
chmod ug+x .husky/*
chmod ug+x .git/hooks/*
  • Don’t use deprecated or vulnerable versions of Express
  • Use TLS
  • Use Helmet
  • Use cookies securely
  • Prevent brute-force attacks against authorization
  • Ensure your dependencies are secure
  • Avoid other known vulnerabilities
  • Additional considerations

3. Tutorials

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