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An application to create distribution index files: index.json and

Output can be seen at:

And all subdirectories of and containing downloadable tarballs and installers.


For the purpose of cataloguing files within each versioned subdirectory, nodejs-dist-indexer is able to:

  • Determine the specific version of each directory (just the directory name!)
  • Determine the date the distributables were built
  • Decode filenames to determine the OS / architecture / packaging available
  • Determine the version of dependencies bundled with Node.js, including:
    • npm
    • V8
    • libuv
    • zlib
    • OpenSSL
  • Determine the NODE_MODULES_VERSION for compiled add-on compatibility
  • Determine whether the version is an LTS or not

All of this data is made available in JSON and tab-separated format.

OS / architecture / packaging specifiers used in the listings include:

  • aix-ppc64: normally .tar.gz and .tar.xz
  • headers: normally .tar.gz and .tar.xz, downloaded by node-gyp
  • linux-arm64: normally .tar.gz and .tar.xz (also known as AArch64 or ARMv8)
  • linux-armv6l: normally .tar.gz and .tar.xz
  • linux-armv7l: normally .tar.gz and .tar.xz
  • linux-ppc64le: normally .tar.gz and .tar.xz
  • linux-s390x: normally .tar.gz and .tar.xz
  • linux-x64: normally .tar.gz and .tar.xz
  • linux-x86: normally .tar.gz and .tar.xz
  • osx-x64-pkg: OSX .pkg installer (64-bit only since io.js v1)
  • osx-x64-tar: normally .tar.gz and .tar.xz
  • src: normally .tar.gz and .tar.xz, full source used to build the distribution
  • sunos-x64: normally .tar.gz and .tar.xz
  • sunos-x86: normally .tar.gz and .tar.xz
  • win-x64-msi: Windows 64-bit .msi installer
  • win-x86-msi: Windows 32-bit .msi installer
  • win-x64-exe: Windows 64-bit bare node.exe, within a win-x64 directory
  • win-x86-exe: Windows 32-bit bare node.exe, within a win-x86 directory


Create an index.json and from a given distribution directory that contains subdirectories that contain distributable files:

nodejs-dist-indexer \
  --dist /path/to/dist/directory/
  --indexjson /path/to/dist/directory/index.json
  --indextab /path/to/dist/directory/

List the type of distributable files contained within given directories:

nodejs-ls-types [-d] <directory>[ <directory> [<directory> ...]]

The -d argument is supplied if it is to only count files that have a corresponding .done file; this is used for promoting staged releases where the .done file indicates that an upload from a build server is complete.

Output looks like:

$ nodejs-ls-types latest*
latest: aix-ppc64 headers linux-arm64 linux-armv6l linux-armv7l linux-ppc64le linux-x64 linux-x86 osx-x64-pkg osx-x64-tar src sunos-x64 sunos-x86 win-x64-msi win-x86-msi
latest-argon: headers linux-arm64 linux-armv6l linux-armv7l linux-ppc64le linux-x64 linux-x86 osx-x64-pkg osx-x64-tar src sunos-x64 sunos-x86 win-x64-msi win-x86-msi
latest-v0.10.x: headers linux-x64 linux-x86 osx-x64-pkg osx-x64-tar osx-x86-tar src sunos-x64 sunos-x86 win-x86-exe win-x86-msi
latest-v0.12.x: headers linux-x64 linux-x86 osx-x64-pkg osx-x64-tar osx-x86-tar src sunos-x64 sunos-x86 win-x86-exe win-x86-msi
latest-v4.x: headers linux-arm64 linux-armv6l linux-armv7l linux-ppc64le linux-x64 linux-x86 osx-x64-pkg osx-x64-tar src sunos-x64 sunos-x86 win-x64-msi win-x86-msi
latest-v5.x: headers linux-arm64 linux-armv6l linux-armv7l linux-ppc64le linux-x64 linux-x86 osx-x64-pkg osx-x64-tar src sunos-x64 sunos-x86 win-x64-msi win-x86-msi
latest-v6.x: aix-ppc64 headers linux-arm64 linux-armv6l linux-armv7l linux-ppc64le linux-x64 linux-x86 osx-x64-pkg osx-x64-tar src sunos-x64 sunos-x86 win-x64-msi win-x86-msi

Managed under the governance of the Node.js Build Working Group.

Copyright (c) 2016 Node.js Foundation. All rights reserved.

Licensed under MIT, see the file for details




npm i nodejs-dist-indexer

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