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jaubourg's simple node/github project init.


npm -g install nodehub


nodehub <project_name> [ "<project_short_description>" ] [ +bin ] [ +global ]


  • +bin indicates the package provides a command line script
  • +global indicates the package should be installed globally

In a Nutshell

nodehub superpack will:

  1. check for your git username using the git command (in my case jaubourg)
  2. get your info from GitHub (email, web page)
  3. create a subdirectory called superpack.
  4. create configuration for JSCS, JSHint and Travis CI
  5. add the text of the MIT license with proper copyright
  6. create a properly filled package.json file
  7. create a skeleton with nice badges
  8. create a lib subdirectory with a main js file named after the project
  9. create a bin subdirectory if the +bin flag has been used
  10. create a Gruntfile that will export source coverage reports to Coveralls when executed on Travis CI
  11. Initialize git and point it to
  12. NPM-install the dev dependencies

You just have to code from there!

Configuration on your end

  1. Create the corresponding repository on GitHub
  2. Add it to Travis CI
  3. Add it to Coveralls

Then push!


Copyright (c) 2015 Julian Aubourg

Licensed under the MIT license.