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node bindings for the v8 profiler, minus the retain/dominator bits removed from V8

v8-profiler provides node bindings for the v8 profiler and integration with node-inspector

npm install v8-profiler

We now include node v0.10 binaries for a number of platforms. During the install, node-gyp will attempt to build the module for your platform. If it fails (see builderror.log), the module will still be installed, but will attempt to load up an appropriate pre-built binary for your platform if there is one available.

var profiler = require('v8-profiler');
var snapshot = profiler.takeSnapshot([name])      //takes a heap snapshot

profiler.startProfiling([name])                   //begin cpu profiling
var cpuProfile = profiler.stopProfiling([name])   //finish cpu profiling

Cpu profiles can be viewed and heap snapshots may be taken and viewed from the profiles panel.