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    NodeFly Agent

    The NodeFly agent profiles and monitors your web application

    NodeFly APM provides real-time monitoring for your Node.js application. Simplicity is the key!

    We allow our users to gain detailed, real-time performance monitoring of your Node.js application services so they can see everything that is happening, as it happens. This includes understanding system usage at every moment in time to uncover and resolve issues within the application as they arise.


    • Fast Set up. You have better things to do than waste time installing something. This is done either with a couple lines of code or a NPM install.
    • Unified Dashboard. We think the best place to have your data is right in front of you. With our unified dashboard, you have a real-time visual representation of your Average Response time, Top Slowest Functions, CPU, Concurrent Connections/Throughput, Event Loop, and Memory/Heap data.
    • Capacity Utilization. Gain real-time insight into capacity utilization and instantly see how changing usage affects performance.
    • Optimization. Dig deep into your services layer to optimize your app performance. Get visibility of what your app is talking to and what could be slowing it down so you can improve how your app functions.
    • Supporting numerous cloud platforms and physical hardware. You aren’t limited to one server or service provider. Why should your monitoring solution? NodeFly thinks you shouldn’t be. NodeFly supports Windows, Smart OS, Linux, and OSX.
    • Alerts. Use our alerts to monitor what is important to ensure applications stay up and running. Our email notification lets you know about performance concerns with CPU, Concurrent Connections, Event Loop, and Heap usage immediately. We help you take action as quickly as possible.
    • Multiple Accounts. You don’t have to watch your app alone! Adding subusers is quick and easy and allows you to have more eyes on the prize!

    NodeFly is consistently adding and refining features to do the monitoring so Node.js developers can focus on building.


    You will need a NodeFly account and can install with a couple lines of code or a NPM install. Please see the NodeFly Website to get started. Sign up is free.


    npm i nodefly

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