a fledgling perldoc for node (e.g. nodedoc fs, nodedoc exec)

A fledgling perldoc for node.js.


  1. Get node.

  2. npm install -g nodedoc

You should now have "nodedoc" on your PATH:

$ nodedoc --version
nodedoc 1.0.0


This really is a quick hack. There are a number of limitations in the current Markdown -> HTML -> ANSI escape-colored text. Among them:

  • nested lists aren't handled properly
  • <ol> aren't handled properly

The current version of the node.js docs is a snapshot of the master.


This will render and color the fs.markdown core docs and page through them (using your PAGER environment setting, if any):

$ nodedoc fs

List all nodedoc sections:

$ nodedoc -l