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Nodedev is a wrapper for nodemon and node-inspector as a replacement for no longer maintained nodev. It will automatically start Node.js process in debug mode and start node-inspector attached to it.


$ sudo npm install -g nodedev


Start with default settings:

$ nodedev ./app.js

This will start your script as Node.js application with --debug=7000 option. To start application paused at first line use:

$ nodedev --debug-brk ./app.js

This will start your application as if it was executed with --debug-brk=7000 option.

What doesn't work

Currently there is no way to specify another debugging port apart of 7000. If you try to debug two applications at the same time it will show error that port is in use. To change this behavior either submit ticket and then I will do it when I have time or send me a pull request.