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Provides a Prometheus exporter endpoint to your NodeBB and exposes metrics. You can secure the endpoint either via your reverse proxy or an access token validated by the plugin. By default the endpoint will be provided at /metrics. Find all the settings in the plugin's ACP page.

The following metrics are provided for NodeBB:

Key Type Help
nodebb_users_total gauge Total registered users
nodebb_posts_total gauge Total posts
nodebb_topics_total gauge Total topics
nodebb_unique_users_5m gauge Unique users over the last five minutes
nodebb_unique_users_60m gauge Unique users over the last 60 minutes
nodebb_unique_users_24h gauge Unique users over the last 24 hours
nodebb_unique_users_30d gauge Unique users over the 30 days
nodebb_page_view_total counter Total page views since the last restart. There is a label viewer that can have the value user, guest, or bot
nodebb_online_users_5m gauge Users online over the last five minutes
nodebb_online_users_60m gauge Users online over the last 60 minutes
nodebb_online_users_24h gauge Users online over the last 24 hours
nodebb_online_users_30d gauge Users online over the last 30 days
nodebb_not_validated_users_total gauge Total users with the e-mail address not validated
nodebb_banned_users_total gauge Total banned users
nodebb_registration_queue_total gauge Total users waiting in the registration queue
nodebb_flags_total counter Total issued flags since last restart
nodebb_error_404_total counter Total HTTP 404 errors since last restart
nodebb_error_503_total counter Total HTTP 503 errors since last restart
nodebb_blacklisted_total counter Total request blocked via the blacklist since last restart
nodebb_maintenance_active gauge If maintenance mode is on 1; otherwise 0
nodebb_online_guests gauge Guests that are currently online/connected
nodebb_eventloop_lag_seconds Gauge Lag of event loop in seconds measured by NodeBB
nodebb_eventloop_maxlag_seconds Gauge Maximum lag of event loop in seconds allowed by NodeBB before it will start to issue 503 errors
nodebb_plugins_active gauge If the plugin is active 1; otherwise 0. Has a label id with the name of the plugin

The counters nodebb_flags_total, nodebb_error_404_total, nodebb_error_503_total, nodebb_blacklisted_total currently reset to the value measured in the current hour. This is important to keep in mind if you want to compute the total over one or more restarts, since the counters didn't restart from 0. This will hopefully be fixed in a later version. It might need a patch for NodeBB to make it possible.

In addition default metrics about NodeJS and the process are provided by the prometheus client library.

Key Type Help
process_cpu_user_seconds_total counter Total user CPU time spent in seconds.
process_cpu_system_seconds_total counter Total system CPU time spent in seconds.
process_cpu_seconds_total counter Total user and system CPU time spent in seconds.
process_start_time_seconds gauge Start time of the process since unix epoch in seconds.
process_resident_memory_bytes gauge Resident memory size in bytes.
process_virtual_memory_bytes gauge Virtual memory size in bytes.
process_heap_bytes gauge Process heap size in bytes.
process_open_fds gauge Number of open file descriptors.
process_max_fds gauge Maximum number of open file descriptors.
nodejs_eventloop_lag_seconds gauge Lag of event loop in seconds.
nodejs_active_handles_total gauge Number of active handles.
nodejs_active_requests_total gauge Number of active requests.
nodejs_heap_size_total_bytes gauge Process heap size from node.js in bytes.
nodejs_heap_size_used_bytes gauge Process heap size used from node.js in bytes.
nodejs_external_memory_bytes gauge Nodejs external memory size in bytes.
nodejs_heap_space_size_total_bytes gauge Process heap space size total from node.js in bytes.
nodejs_heap_space_size_used_bytes gauge Process heap space size used from node.js in bytes.
nodejs_heap_space_size_available_bytes gauge Process heap space size available from node.js in bytes.
nodejs_version_info gauge Node.js version info.

If you're developing a plugin and want to add other metrics you can listen for the hook action:nodebb-plugin-prometheus.init. It will pass in the Prometheus client in the first parameter: params.prometheus. Make sure to prefix your metrics with the name of your plugin replacing dashes with underscores. Listen to the hook static:nodebb-plugin-prometheus.metrics to update your metrics. It will be fired when a scrape request is made. Further documentation on how to use the Prometheus client can be found at it's repository.

plugin.initPrometheus = function(params) {
  let gauge = new params.prometheus.Gauge({
    name: 'nodebb_plugin_foo_bar_value_total',
    help: 'The total value of my foobar plugin'
  // ...

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