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    A NodeBB plugin to extend markdown with new feature as tooltip, anchor, custom text header with background, color, code block with multiple languages and text align.


    npm install nodebb-plugin-extended-markdown



    A color picker is available in the composer:

    Color picker The syntaxe is: %(#hexColorCode)[colored text]

    Text align

    You can align right by adding -| at the end of your paragraph. Likewise, you can align left a text by adding |- at the begin of your paragraph. Combining the two will center the text.

    Align You can also justify your paragraph by adding |= at the begin and =| at the end.

    /!\ Warning, text align is applied on the whole paragraph, so this will not work:

    |-This text won't be centered because the ending tag is at the end of the line instead of the end of the paragraph.-|
    This is still the same paragraph! You need to add two new lines to start a new paragraph


    Tooltip allow you to add an overtext on another text. The syntax is °text°(tooltip text). You can use fa-info as text, in this case it will show the fa-info icon:



    All heading (h1, h2, etc., # in markdown) will automatically have an anchor of named using a slug (specials chars like :, , are removed, space are replaced by a -). You can then create a link to this anchor with the usual markdown syntax: [link name](#anchor-name)

    Text heading with background

    Specially added for Minecraft Forge France's tutorials, this one is a h2 with a background. You can add it with #anchor-name(title) where anchor-name is the name of the anchor. You can then create a link to this anchor with the usual markdown syntax: [link name](#anchor-name)

    Heading with background

    Currently the plugin haven't any option to change the color, but you can still override the css by adding:

    .text-header {
        background-color: anotherColor;

    in you nodebb custom css (admin/appearance/customise).

    Grouped code

    Also added for the needs of our tutorials, it allow to show multiples languages with nice tabs. The syntaxe is a bit complex:

    print("Hello world!")
    console.log("Hello world!")

    And the result:

    Grouped code

    You can add more than two languages.


    Enable to emphasise some element with a nice design

    !!! info [Title]: A simple note
    !!! important [Title]: An important note
    !!! warning [Title]: A warning note
    Can be in multiple line !

    And the result;


    You can change the colors by override the css:

    .admonition.important { 
        background: #c0f2e8;
    .admonition.important .admonition-title {
        background: #7de8d2;
    } { 
        background: #c0dcf2;
    } .admonition-title { 
        background: #7dbae8;
    .admonition.warning { 
    .admonition.warning .admonition-title {

    in you nodebb custom css (admin/appearance/customise).


    A simple spoiler with the same syntax as Discord: ||hidden text||



    npm i nodebb-plugin-extended-markdown

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