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    Quill composer for NodeBB

    This plugin activates the WYSIWYG Quill composer for NodeBB. Please ensure that:

    • The markdown plugin is disabled (see note below, re: markdown)
    • Any other composers (i.e. nodebb-plugin-composer-default) are disabled
    • Warning This composer saves its data in a unique format that is only compatible with Quill. If you switch to Quill, any posts made with Quill cannot be migrated back to Markdown.

    For developers

    You may encounter a LESS build error when this module is not installed via npm:

    error: [build] Encountered error during build step
    Error: FileError: './quill/dist/quill.bubble.css' wasn't found. Tried - /some,/directories,/here
    /quill.bubble.css,quill/dist/quill.bubble.css in /path/to/nodebb/node_modules/nodebb-plugin-composer-quill/static/less/quill.less on line 2, column 1:

    This is due to npm/yarn's flattening of dependencies. Quill expects these css files to be at root level, so to get around this:

    cd /path/to/nodebb/node_modules && ln -s nodebb-plugin-composer-quill/node_modules/quill .

    Migration concerns


    If you used the default composer, chances are you also had the markdown plugin active. If that is the case, any posts made before the switch are still in markdown format, and are not saved into html (in a manner than quill can digest). A migrator tool has been bundled with v1.1 of the Quill Composer, which you can use to migrate posts in markdown and html into the Quill-compatible format.


    Your posts should automatically work with Quill. Redactor saves HTML into the database, and the Quill plugin is set up so it can digest that html and backport it to Quill's internal format if the post is edited. That said, when you edit a post originally made in Redactor, you'll see the html tags, which are now extraneous. You can remove them as part of your edit. Alternatively, you can use the bundled migrator to convert posts to the Quill-compatible format.

    Contributors Welcome

    This plugin is considered production ready. Please report any bugs to our issue tracker and we will take a look.

    If you'd like to look at the documentation and add a feature, or take a look at the GitHub Issues and do something from there then please do. All pull requests lovingly reviewed.







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