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A static-webpage-generator based on node.js using mustaches, markdown and JSON.

  • Realtime editing
  • Publishing via FTP


Bugs: /nunull/nodeache/issues


$ sudo npm install -g nodeache


Building a website:

$ nodeache folder

Rebuilding a website everytime a file or folder has changed:

$ nodeache dev folder

Publishing a website via FTP:

$ nodeache publish folder

Where folder is a folder following the structure given under Folder structure.

Folder structure

|-  (config.json)
|-  content
'-  templates


All content is saved in folder/content.

It is possible to save content as markdown with the file-extensions md or markdown or as JSON with the file-extension json. The resulting block will be named after the filename.

Special cases:

  • Markdown files can be ordered by prepending XX- to the filename. (i.e., etc.) XX- will be skipped in the blockname. (i.e. will be Home)
  • Files placed in a subdirectory will be named according to their path. (i.e. folder/content/pages/ will be pages.Home or pages.0)


All templates are saved in folder/templates. It is possible to create as much subdirectorys as you want. A template consists of a fully functional website except for the content.

Content can be included via the syntax of handlebars.js.


Example file:

    "ignore": ["templates/imgs"],
    "debug": false,
    "parse": {
        "js": "compressed",
        "css": "compressed",
        "sass": "compressed"