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Node TwoCaptcha

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Node TwoCaptcha is a Javascript package for 2Captcha -


Just run:

npm install node_two_captcha

JSDoc documentation can be found at


1. Create a client

// Import module
const Client = require('node_two_captcha');
// Declare your client
client = new Client('your_2captcha_key', {
                    timeout: 60000,
                    polling: 5000,
                    throwErrors: false});

The first parameter of the TwoCaptchaClient constructor is your API key from 2Captcha. The other parameters are:

  • timeout: Time (milliseconds) to wait before giving up on waiting for a captcha solution.
  • polling: Time (milliseconds) between polls to 2captcha server. 2Captcha documentation suggests this time to be at least 5 seconds, or you might get blocked.
  • throwErrors: Whether the client should throw errors or just log the errors.

2. Solve a captcha

Image captcha

  url: ''
}).then(function(response) {
> infosimples

decode is an async function. Valid parameters for decode function are:

  • base64: An already base64-coded image.
  • buffer: A buffer object of a binary image.
  • path: The path for a system-stored image.
  • url: Url for a web-located image.

The returned value will be a Captcha object. Its properties are:

  • apiResponse: Complete API response body for captcha request.
  • id: Captcha ID, as provided from 2Captcha.
  • text: Text from captcha.
  • coordinates(): If the captcha sent was a image, this function returns the coordinates (X, Y) clicked.
  • indexes(): If the captcha sent was tile-like, this function returns the indexes of the clicks on an array.

ReCaptcha v2

  googlekey: 'the_key_extracted from the page',
  pageurl: ''
}).then(function(response) {

decodeRecaptchaV2 is an async function. The parameters for decodeRecaptchaV2 function are:

  • googlekey: The google key for the ReCaptcha.
  • pageurl: The URL where the ReCaptcha is.

3. Retrieve a previously solved captcha

// 61086191138 is the ID of a previously sent Captcha
> Captcha {
   _id: '61086191138',
   _apiResponse: 'OK|infosimples',
   _text: 'infosimples' }

4. Report incorrectly solved captcha for refund'61086191138').then(function(response) {
// Returns whether the report was received or not
> true

Warning: do not abuse on this method, otherwise you may get banned

5. Get usage statistics for a specific date

let date = new Date('2019-02-04');
client.stats(date).then(function(response) {
// Returns an XML string with your usage statistics
> <?xml version="1.0"?><response><stats dateint="1549227600" date="2019-02-04" hour="00"><volume>0</volume><money>0</money></stats><stats dateint="1549231200" date="2019-02-04" hour="01"><volume>0</volume><money>0</money></stats>...

6. Get your 2Captcha account balance

client.balance().then(function(response) {
// Returns a float with your account balance in USD
> 3.75371

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