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Klout API wrapper.


Simple wrapper for the Klout API.

To run the tests, edit ./test/test.js, replacing YOUR_KEY with your application's API key, then:

API_KEY=<your Klout API key> node test/test

In order to use the v2 API, instantiate a new instance of node_klout like so:

var Klout = require("node_klout"),
klout = new Klout("YOUR_V2_KEY");

Node_klout supports the retrieval of a user's Klout identifier by Twitter screen name or numeric identifier.

klout.getKloutIdentity(twitter_screen_name_or_identifier, function(errorklout_user) {

The returned klout_user variable is an object as documented by the Klout API v2 docs:

"id": "123456789",
"network": "ks"

The following methods are supported, where klout_response is an object as documented by the Klout API v2 docs:

klout_v2.getUser(klout_id, function(errorklout_response) {
// Returns a user object 
klout_v2.getUserScore(klout_id, function(errorklout_response) {
// Returns a user's score object 
klout_v2.getUserTopics(klout_id, function(errorklout_response) {
// Returns an array of user topics 
klout_v2.getUserInfluence(klout_id, function(errorklout_response) {
// Returns a user's influence object 
klout_v2.getUserNetworkHandle(klout_id, function(errorklout_response) {
// Returns a user's network (Twitter) identifier