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node_CloudFlare 0.0.4#

A simple module to check if CloudFlare is connecting and get the real IP address.


To install node_CloudFlare on your Node.js server use npm

npm install node_cloudflare

All lowercase! NPM is case sensitive.


Load config

var cf = require('node_cloudflare');
cf.load(function (error, fs_error)
    if (fs_error)
        throw new Error(fs_error);
    console.log('Server running.');


var ip_address = (req.connection.remoteAddress ? req.connection.remoteAddress : req.remoteAddress);
    if (cf.check(req)) //CF
        res.end('CF IP: ' + ip_address + '\nYour IP: ' + cf.get(req));
    else //not CF

Check out example.js for a another working exmaple that overrides the req.connection.remoteAddress getter.


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Legal Stuffs##

CloudFlare is an registered trademark of CloudFlare, Inc. This work is not endorsed by CloudFlare, Inc.

Node.js is an registered trademark of Joyent. This work is not endorsed by Joyent.