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A Node.js wrapper for the ZenHub API


node-zenhub is available on npm and as such, can be installed through npm with ease.

To install node-zenhub and add it to your package.json file, use the following command:

$ npm install --save node-zenhub


The official ZenHub documentation


In order to use node-zenhub you will need to generate an API token on the ZenHub website. Once you have this, add the library to your project with the following command:

$ npm install --save node-zenhub

Once installed you need to instantiate a new copy of node-zenhub in your application, like so:

var ZenHub = require('node-zenhub'),
    api = new ZenHub('[token]');

Note: replace [token] with your token.

Running the Tests

The tests are based on the mocha module, which may be installed via npm. To run the tests make sure that the npm dependencies are installed by running npm install from the project directory.

create file test/config.json from test/config.sample.json with your values

    "token": "xxxxxxxxxx",
    "repoId": "xxxxx",
    "issueId": 1

At the moment, test classes can only be run separately. This will e.g. run the Issues Api test:

node_modules/mocha/bin/mocha test


Please raise an issue on GitHub with as much information as possible and the steps to replicate (if possible).


MIT license. See the LICENSE file for details.