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Take screenshots using node-webkit


Create screenshots using node-webkit

npm install node-webkit-screenshot
var fs = require('fs');
var screenshot = require('node-webkit-screenshot');
  url : '',
  width : 1024,
  height : 768
  fs.writeFile('./out.png', buffer, function(){
    // This will close the screenshot service 

Type: number Default: 3000

Specify custom port number for the webkit browser

Type: number (seconds) Default: 0

Delay capturing the screenshot.

Useful when the site does things after load that you want to capture.

Type: string png|jpeg Default: png

Specify the image type fot he screenshot

Type: int Default: 0

Specify the with of the browser window

Type: int Default: 0

Specify the height of the browser window

Type: Object Default: undefined

This will only work if generating png's. A crop object may look like this:

  top : 10,
  left : 10,
  width : 100,
  height : 100

This will close the node-webkit process. You have to call this function before node is able to exit.

If you would like to use this on travis or with a framebuffer like xvfb than you need to set the environment variable NODESCREENSHOT_SHOW to 1. (export NODESCREENSHOT_SHOW). See this .travis.yml for more information


  • Fix installation of sub modules for nw-screenshot
  • Upgrade various modules
  • Fix black backgrounds in screenshots.
  • Add close() method.
  • remove toolbar for node-webkit
  • Add crop option.
  • Rewrite using to communicate between a single nw-snapshot instance.
  • Promise based API
  • 0.1.0 Inital release