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Manage file dialogs for node-webkit


This package help to use file dialogs in Node-Webkit.

Node-webkit does not offer any solution to manage fdialogs, quatem they:

We do not provide file dialog API in javascript for following reasons now:

- Our way is the standard way of HTML, it will not cause errors if you move to other platforms.
- Better code reusing.

But if the need is very strong, we will provide it in future.

For easy use of file selection by dialogs, this package offer a some of methods for work with file elements.


From npm:

$ npm install node-webkit-fdialogs

From git

$ git clone


var fdialogs = require('node-webkit-fdialogs');
// Open file simple
fdialogs.readFile(function (err, data, path) {
    console.log("content of file ", path, "is" , data);
// Save file simple 
var content = new Buffer("Hello world!", 'utf-8');
fdialogs.saveFile(content, function (err, path) {
    console.log("File saved in", path);
var fdialogs = require('node-webkit-fdialogs');
var Dialog = new fdialogs.FDialog({
    type: 'open',
    accept: ['.gif','.png','image/jpeg'],
    path: '~/Documents'
Dialog.readFile(function (err, content, path) {


See wiki


  • Multi file support
  • Directory selector support