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node-webkit-builds Build Status

Easy node-webkit version dependency control.

What is it?

node-webkit-builds allows you to easily control the dependency for node-webkit. The module version is always in sync with the version of node-webkit, allowing you to declare the version of node-webkit in which you depend on.

This module provides you:

  • URL to OS builds
    • linux32
    • linux64
    • win32
    • mac32
  • URL of the release notes


Start by installing the module using npm install node-webkit-builds. Refer to npm for details on how to install a specific version of the module.

var nwb = require('node-webkit-builds');
console.log('version:', nwb.version);
console.log('release notes:', nwb.releaseNotes);
console.log('linux32:', nwb.builds.linux32);
console.log('linux64:', nwb.builds.linux64);
console.log('win32:', nwb.builds.win32);
console.log('mac32:', nwb.builds.mac32);

Updating the module

In case you ever need to update this package manually, install automaton (npm install -g automaton) and run automaton tasks/update.autofile.js. This will automatically look for new versions of the build, and update the module if necessary.