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High performance WAV decoder and encoder. The decoder is up to 750x faster than the 'wav-decoder' npm module.

In addition, in contrast to 'wav-decoder' the result is returned directly instead of with a promise.

This module combines the functionality of 'wav-decoder' and 'wav-encoder'.


let fs = require('fs');
let wav = require('node-wav');

let buffer = fs.readFileSync('file.wav');
let result = wav.decode(buffer);
console.log(result.channelData); // array of Float32Arrays

wav.encode(result.channelData, { sampleRate: result.sampleRate, float: true, bitDepth: 32 });

Data format

Data is always returned as Float32Arrays. While reading and writing 64-bit float WAV files is supported, data is truncated to 32-bit floats.


This module assumes a little endian CPU, which is true for pretty much every processor these days (in particular Intel and ARM).