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Basic nodejs utility script for cleaning up old files via a glob

To install use:

npm install node-util-fileclean --save


This script is designed to clean out old files.
For example "delete all old old files in ./reports directory that are older than 3 days" The script finds all files using a supplied glob then orders using the mtime or last modified time.

Running the script

To run the script run the executable bin file provided, e.g:

./node_modules/.bin/node-util-fileclean --globs="./reports/*.html" --maxAgeDays=3 --dryRun=false

The above will delete any html files in the ./reports/ directory.
Note the flag: --dryRun=false, without this flag set to false the script will simply output the files to delete and the ones to keep to the console.

Script Flags

The following is a list of the flags that the script supports.


This flag is always required as it identifies all of the files in question.
Globs are separated using commas, no spaces.
This uses globby under the hood so please view documentation there to see all options.

--maxAgeDays=1 --maxAgeHours=1 --maxAgeMins=1

The above is a list of the time flags that are possible. If you supply a time flag files older than the supplied value will be deleted. Only 1 is supported at a time.


This flag will set the total number of files that is kept.


This flag is optional and will default to true. When set to true no files will be deleted so it can give you a chance to manually check the result. When set to false the files will be deleted.
The script will always output a list of all the files it has found and sorted for your review.
X prefix means delete, O prefix means keep.

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