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This library implements many of the USPS Publication 28 guidelines in the form of an address building class. It accepts multiple fields of address inputs, and then builds a USPS compatible address.

This library is currently maintained by David Allen Ball. Contact information is available at

Notice: Untested Alpha Release

This library is very new and untested. Please use caution until it becomes more stable.

How to Install

Add node-usps to your packages.json file's dependencies section.

"dependencies": {
  "node-usps": "*"

Run: npm install.

How to Use

In your code, implement using:

var usps = require('node-usps');

Create a new builder object using:

var newAddress = new usps.AddressBuilder();

Fill in the blanks:

newAddress.BusinessName = 'Joyent';
newAddress.StreetNumber = '1';
newAddress.StreetName = 'Embarcadero Center';
newAddress.SecondaryUnitIndicator = 'Floor';
newAddress.SecondaryUnitNumber = '9';
newAddress.City = 'San Francisco';
newAddress.State = 'California';
newAddress.PostalCode = '94111';

Manipulate using the API.

API Documentation

Abbreviations constants

These constants are used inside the library itself, but are also exported because they are useful arrays for autocomplete and drop-down lists.

Countries array

List of countries. Example:

AliasCountries array

Pointers from country aliases.

USAStates array

List of US states, possessions, and military states. Example:

'Virginia': { abbreviation: 'VA', type: 'State' }

CanadaProvinces array

List of Canada provinces and territories. Example:

'British Columbia': { abbreviation: 'BC', type: 'Province', country: 'Canada' }

AliasCanadaProvinces array

Pointers from Canada provinces aliases.

RepairCanadaAbbreviations array

Pointers from old abbreviations to new Canada provinces.

GeographicDirectionals array

List of geographic directionals. Example:

'North': { abbreviation: 'N', language: 'English' }

SecondaryUnitIdentifiers array

List of secondary unit identifiers. Example:

'Apartment': { abbreviation: 'APT', requiresUnitNumber: true, language: 'English' }

StreetNameSuffixes array

List of street name suffixes. Example:

'Avenue': { abbreviation: 'Ave', language: 'English' }

CommonlyMisspelledStreetNameSuffixes array

NOT IMPLEMENTED YET. Pointers from commonly misspelled street names and suffixes to the correct street name.

AddressBuilder Class

The AddressBuilder stores address data components for manipulation and USPS Publication 28 compliance functions.

Non-delivery Business Address Members

MailstopCode: String
NamePrefix: String
FirstName: String
MiddleName: String
Surname: String
SuffixTitle: String
ProfessionalTitle: String
FunctionalTitle: String
DivisionName: String
BusinessName: String

Delivery Address Line Members

StreetNumber: String
Predirectional: String
StreetName: String
StreetSuffix: String
Postdirectional: String

Secondary Address Line Members

SecondaryUnitIndicator: String
SecondaryUnitNumber: String

Last Line Members

State: String
City: String
State: String
PostalCode: String
ZipPlusFour: String
Country: String

Distribution Members

UNUSED: CarrierRouteCode: undefined

Future implementation in research. ##### EndorsementCode: String ##### KeyLineCode: String ##### UNUSED: IntelligentMailBarcode: undefined Future implementation in research. ##### UNUSED: IntelligentMailAddressBlockBarcode: undefined Future implementation in research.


toUSPSString(): String

Prints a multi-line String that dumps all the fields out in the correct order for USPS guidelines. Calls clone(), removePunctuation(), abbreviate(), capitalize(), and then toString(), chaining the output and returning the final String.

clone(): AddressBuilder

Creates a deep-copy of the AddressBuilder object. Returns a new AddressBuilder object instance with the same fields as the initial object.

capitalize(): AddressBuilder

Returns a new AddressBuilder with all the fields capitalized. Original object is left intact.

removePunctuation(): AddressBuilder

Returns a new AddressBuilder with all the USPS unapproved punctuation removed. Original object is left intact.

abbreviate(): AddressBuilder

Returns a new AddressBuilder with all the USPS abbreviations applied. Original object is left intact.

toString(): AddressBuilder

Returns a String with all the fields dumped out in the correct order for an address label. See toUSPSString() to generate USPS-compliant labels.