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A node.js API wrapper for the undocumented Jawbone UP API.

Based on Eric Blue's most-excellent work, found here:

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var Up = require('up');
var upClient = new Up({


The UP API requires that an auth token is passed with each request. To generate the token, call the auth method.

upClient.auth(function(err, res){
  var token = res.token;

It's a good idea to make the auth request first and store the resulting token in your app for subsequent requests.

Calling the Endpoints

The only required parameter for each endpoint is the token.

client.feedSummary({_token: token}, function(err, res) {

Some endpoints accept further parameters, which are documented before each method in /lib/Up.js, as well as in Eric's API docs.


npm install up

Run Tests

  $ npm test