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    Lightweight NodeJS wrapper for unoconv, a Universal Office Converter.

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    📦 Installation

    ⚙️ Required dependencies

    The node-unoconv package requires unoconv and its dependencies to be installed.

    Installing LibreOffice or OpenOffice software

    Office software is required to run unoconv. LibreOffice is recommended but OpenOffice is still supported.

    ⚙️ Installing node-unoconv package

    After you install required dependencies, the node-unoconv package can be installed using commands below:

    npm install node-unoconv
    # or using yarn
    yarn add node-unoconv

    📃 Usage

    There are few ways to import node-unoconv package to your NodeJS project:


    // ES6 import
    import unoconv from 'node-unoconv';
    unoconv.convert(input, options?); // Converting a file
    unoconv.listen(options?); // Starting a conversion listener
    // Using named exports
    import { convert, listen } from 'node-unoconv';
    convert(input, options?); // Converting a file
    listen(options?); // Starting a conversion listener


    // Using Require
    const unoconv = require('node-unoconv');
    unoconv.convert(input, options?); // Converting a file
    unoconv.listen(options?); // Starting a conversion listener
    // Alternative way to require convert or listen methods
    const { convert, listen } = require('node-unoconv');
    convert(input, options?); // Converting a file
    listen(options?); // Starting a conversion listener

    Converting files

    Converts an input file to a format specified in options object (defaults to pdf). By default, a promise is returned that resolves with a buffer or rejects with an error message. A callback function is also supported.

    // Convert a file using a promise
      .then((buffer) => {
      }.catch((err) => {
    // or with async/await
    const buffer = await unoconv.convert('file.doc');

    Conversion with an output path and a callback

    const callback = (path, error) => {
      if (error) {
        console.error('Error', error);
      console.log('Path:', path);
    const options = {
      output: 'file.pdf'

    Starting a listener

    Starts a standalone LibreOffice or OpenOffice listener.
    If server or port options are not specified, it uses defaults values and 2002.


    Starting a listener on a different address and port

    const options = {
      port: 2003,
      server: ''

    🛠 Options

    Option Type Default Description
    connection string UNO connection string to be used by the client to connect to an LibreOffice instance, or used by the listener to make LibreOffice listen.
    output string file.pdf Output basename, filename or directory.
    doctype string document Specify the LibreOffice document type of the backend format. Possible document types are: document, graphics, presentation, spreadsheet.
    password string Provide a password to decrypt the document.
    server string Server (address) to listen on (as listener) or to connect to (as client).
    port number 2002 Port to listen on (as listener) or to connect to (as client).
    pipe Use a pipe as an alternative connection mechanism to talk to LibreOffice.
    export string[] Set specific export filter options (related to the used LibreOffice filter).
    field string[] Replace user-defined text field with value.
    format string pdf Specify the output format for the document. You can get a list of possible output formats per document type by using the --show option. Default document type is 'pdf'.
    import string utf-8 Set specific import filters options (related to the used LibreOffice import filter based on the input filename).
    inputFilterName string xml Set input filter name, useful when converting stdin or files without an extension.
    listener bool false Start unoconv as listener for unoconv clients to connect to. It's recommended to start the listener with listen() method.
    disableHtmlUpdateLinks bool false Disables the recheck for updating links missed by libreoffice
    noLaunch bool false By default if no listener is running, unoconv will launch its own (temporary) listener to make sure the conversion works. This option will abort the conversion if no listener is found, rather than starting our own listener.
    preserve bool false Keep timestamp and permissions of the original document.
    printer string[] Printer options
    - PaperFormat: specify printer paper format, eg. PaperFormat=A3
    - PaperOrientation: specify printer paper orientation, eg. PaperOrientation=landscape
    - PapserSize: specify printer paper size, paper format should set to USER, size=widthxheight, e.g. eg. PaperSize=130x200 means width=130, height=200

    Multiple option values

    Multiple values can be passed to an option as an array or as an object literal. See the example below, both ways result in the same command arguments passed to unoconv.

    const options = {
      printer: ['PaperFormat=A3', 'PaperOrientation=landscape'],
    // or
    const options = {
      printer: {
        PaperFormat: 'A3',
        PaperOrientation: 'landscape',

    Example options

    const options = {
      connection: 'socket,host=localhost,port=2002;urp;StarOffice.ComponentContext',
      output: 'PDF',
      doctype: 'document',
      password: 'Abc123!@#',
      server: '',
      port: 2002,
      export: { PageRange: '1-2' },
      field: { foo: 'bar' },
      format: 'PDF',
      import: { Quality: 50 },
      inputFilterName: 'odt',
      disableHtmlUpdateLinks: false,
      noLaunch: true,
      preserve: true,
      printer: ['PaperFormat=A3', 'PaperOrientation=landscape'],
    List of available options with its arguments passed to unoconv.

      connection: '-c',
      disableHtmlUpdateLinks: '--disable-html-update-links',
      doctype: '-d',
      export: '-e',
      field: '-F',
      format: '-f',
      import: '-i',
      importFilterName: '-I',
      listener: '-l',
      noLaunch: '-n',
      output: '-o',
      password: '--password',
      pipe: '--pipe',
      port: '-p',
      preserve: '--preserve',
      printer: '--printer',
      server: '--server',
      show: '--show',
      stdin: '--stdin',
      stdout: '--stdout',
      template: '-t',
      timeout: '-T',
      unsafeQuietUpdate: '--unsafe-quiet-update',
      userProfile: '--user-profile',
      verbose: '--verbose',

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