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Underscore precompiler plugin for Browserify v2


Underscore precompiler plugin for Browserify.

Inspired and based on node-hbsfy

Install node-underscorify in your project via npm:

npm install node-underscorify

Then use the node-underscorify within the browserify command line transform option:

browserify -t node-underscorify main.js > bundle.js

Or add the transform to your package.json:

    "browserify": {
        "transform": ["node-underscorify"]

You can configure underscorify via command line options, package.json or Javascript API.

On the command line:

browserify -t [ node-underscorify --extensions ejs ] main.js > bundle.js
browserify -t [ node-underscorify --extensions html,ejs ] main.js > bundle.js

Or in package.json:

    "browserify": {
        "transform": [
            ["node-underscorify", {
                "extensions": ["jst", "ejs"],
                "requires": [{"variable": "_", "module": "underscore"}]
  • extensions: array of file extensions that will be considered as underscore templates
  • templateSettings: underscore template settings
  • requires: array of modules to import. Example: requires:[{variable: '_', module: 'underscore'}]

node-underscorify can accept custom options using browserify API:

var b = require('browserify')();
var tplTransform = require('node-underscorify').transform({
    extensions: ['ejs', 'html']
<div><%= message %></div>
var template = require("./template.html");
document.body.innerHTML = template({message: "Hello Node Underscorify!"});

It will render: <div>Hello Node Underscorify!</div>