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uForever: Web UI for forever Gittip

*Simple Application for administration Node.js running units

Web UI builded with:

Main Features

  • Forever control
    • Restart All
    • Stop All
  • Unit control
    • Start
    • Stop
    • Restart
    • View all runned units
    • View running status (online, offline)
    • View environment
    • View uptime
    • View log
  • No DB needed (using JSON file store)
  • Add Units to DB
    • Notes:
      • Custom unit name
      • Unit description
      • Port
    • Parameters:
      • Script name
      • sourceDir
      • cwd
      • Environment (development, production)
      • Custom log name
      • spinSleepTime
      • minUptime
      • watch
  • Run Units from DB
  • Users administration


Via npm (node package manager)

      npm install node-uforever && sudo node node_modules/node-uforever/app.js

and browse


  • Maintance control (Memory, CPU, workers ...)
  • Unit start scheduler
  • Create Unit environment
    • Automatic creation application folder
    • Automatic creation FTP account for deploy & nginx .vhost file

Web Application, for an NodeJS administration. Builded on Angular.js