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Node SwitchCoder

This node module provides a simple API wrapper to access SwitchCoder from any node app.

It is just now getting started.

Pre-Requisites and Installation


You will need to create an account on SwitchCoder and create your API token. This client presumes you have a valid account and API token already configured


npm install node-switchcoder

Using Node SwitchCoder

Initializing the SwitchCoder client

var switchCoder = require('node-switchcoder');
var client = new switchCoder.Client('apiToken', 'host');

Getting a Phone Number Object

var phoneNumber = client.getPhoneNumber("yourNumber", opts);

Getting a Code Object

// get an instance of the script from the client
var code = client.getCode(scriptId, phoneNumber, opts);

Invoking the Code

//invoke the code with all parameters
code.invoke(queryParameters, requestBody, function(response, err){});
//invoke script with just the callback

Putting it all together

var switchCoder = require('node-switchcoder');
var client = new switchCoder.Client('1231232123', '');
var phoneNumber = client.getPhoneNumber('19195551212');
var code = client.getCode(123);
var requestParameters = {parameter1:'parameter1Value', parameter2:'parameter2Value'};
var requestBody = {bodyValue1:'my text'};
code.invoke(requestParameters, requestBody, function(response,err) {
    console.log("Got an error: " + err.message)
  } else {
    console.log("Response status: " response.statusCode + " with data: "  +;