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A very simple memory cache for objects, with namespaces and auto timeouts


A very simple memory cache for node.js. It supports namespacing for keys (with the ability to clear a whole namespace), timeouts (set globally or on a key-per-key basis). Unlike other caches based on Redis for instance, you can cache objects with all their properties and methods.

npm install node-simple-memory-cache
var cache = new (require('memory-cache')).MemoryCache();
  • defaultExpirationTime: the default time in milliseconds after which an entry is cleared from the cache

Put an entry in the cache

cache.put('myKey', 'myValue', [namespace, [expirationTime]])

Store the value myValue under the myKey key in the specified namespace (or the 'default' namespace if none is provided) for expirationTime (or the default expiration time if none is provided).