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service locator for node js

Allow to load instanse of service with injected dependency of other service. Service dependencies are described in declarative way. Locator is a singletone so you can register services ones and then use it everywhere in your app


npm install node-service-locator


Simple Services

Lets assume that we have a folder 'Services' in project and and file Logger with logger service in it.

// Services/Logger.js 
exports.log = function (msg) {

Service description example

// services.js file 
module.exports = {
    "logger": {
        "path": "Services/Logger"

Usage Example

var serviceList = require('./services');
var basePath = __dirname;
var locator = require('node-service-locator');
locator.init(serviceList, basePath);
//load simple object 
var logger = locator.get('logger');

Servise as a constructor function

// Services/ClassLogger.js 
var ClassLogger = function (errorLevel) {
    this.level = errorLevel || "debug";
ClassLogger.prototype.log = function(message) {
    console.log(this.level, message);
module.exports = ClassLogger;

In order to return from locator an instance of this service you should add instantiate and parameters keys to service description

"warningLogger": {
    "path": "Services/ClassLogger",
    "instantiate": true,
    "params": ["warning"]

And than in you app:

var warningLogger = locator.get('warningLogger');

Also you have possibility to pass one service as a parameter to anather to do this add '@' to service name in the params field

"ClassWithWarningLogger": {
    "path": "Services/ClassWithWarningLogger",
    "instantiate": true,
    "params": ["foo", "@warningLogger", 23]

Also you can register some services on th fly

locator.register('foo', {name: 'foo'});
// => foo 

Invoke some function with services as parameters

locator.register('foo', {name: 'foo'});
locator.invoke('foo', 'logger', function (foo, logger) {
// => foo 



More examples in example folder